May 2022 💜

Spring is leaning toward summer here.  Warmer days & nights.  I trust this finds you well. May God’s delightful grace and peace rest upon you! Cecil & I are staying active and happy.  The Lord continues to bless the works of our hearts and hands.  April was a month of learning and some course changing. Continue reading “May 2022 💜”

In the midst of the storm, I declare, “Shalom!”

To all my family, friends and the world, I declare, “Shalom! Peace!” Our God is a faithful, loving God and He sees everything that is going on around us. Use wisdom, obey those appointed over you, and trust God. He’s got this thing, and He’s got you and me. I declare the word of GodContinue reading “In the midst of the storm, I declare, “Shalom!””