Spring 2022 – A season for renewal!

Hi!  I’m back 😊

It’s been a loooong year since I’ve reached out and updated you, my friends & family.

First – the Talbots are doing very well!  We are thoroughly enjoying our life here in North Carolina.  We are getting to experience on several levels the truth that “…every changing season owes its beauty to You (Lord).” (Psalm 74:17b TPT).  Spring seems to have fully arrived and we love the adventure and changes in the weather day-to-day.  We hike a few times each week – keeping ourselves healthy and strong.  We are expanding our culinary arts skills – Cecil is the best chef!  And he is getting started on his garden.

As for me and Objects of Joy – things have shifted in this last year.  While the graphic design work continues, much of my creative energies are now invested in creating artisan yarn works – scarves, shawls, washcloths, etc.  The shift began just a year ago when we found Seagrove Pottery Gallery and the yarn shop in the back of the shop.  I had done knit and crochet work over the years, but something clicked in a new way when I rediscovered the beauty of artisan yarns.  A few of you have seen and encouraged this creative venture – and I’m very grateful. 

At the encouragement of friends and Holy Spirit nudging, I’m reenergizing my blog and inviting you to join me in my creative adventures.  And, along the way I’ll keep you up to date with the Talbots.

Hugs & blessings,

💜 Debie

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