Blessings for 2021

At last! At last! 2021 is here!! As I look back over 2020, despite any number of disappointments, God has been faithful and has blessed us in so many ways. I like to consider any “disappointments” as plot twists or reroutes, and each one has built something new and stronger within my character and my faith. I know the One in Whom I have set my trust, and it is my God – faithful and true.

Our December and the holiday season were not what we’d planned, but in retrospect we were and are blessed. We remain healthy. We have the wherewithal to do those things we enjoy doing – especially hiking and cooking.

With the cooler weather we are out several times a week exploring the hiking trails of North Carolina. We found that we are comfortable hiking even when it is in the 40’s! Just gotta keep moving.

As for cooking, I am very thankful and praise God that Cecil enjoys cooking and that he is a very, good cook. We’ve been much better of late cooking and eating at home. Much better for us – for sure.

Objects of Joy had a super month in December with lots of sales in every venue. Only have a few hard copies of my 2021 calendar designs left. Hallelujah! And my special dates tracker/planner has been a good seller on Etsy. It is a planner to track birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates, and be a reminder to acknowledge these special times to celebrate with a card or note. I am so thrilled with the reception the planner/tracker has received that I am giving a free copy of the tracker/planner to you – my faithful supporters. Click here for your copy to download.

Blessings of grace, favor and joy to you for 2021,


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