Happy Fall, Y’all!!!

Almost 3 months since my last communication. ☹  August was the month that wasn’t for me with dental and toe issues and September a time of healing.  All is well now, and Cecil & I are doing very well and enjoying the North Carolina fall weather.  We seek to get out and hike a few times a week and work out at the gym. 

But, amazingly in the midst of all the personal challenges of August & September I was able by God’s grace to create new designs, have them printed and launched out in local venues. If you follow me on Instagram (objectsofjoy) you may have seen them. I call these my Be… Project which feature a bee.

September was also a time of learning new, on-line, marketing skills. I learned to make videos and to add sound to them.  Then, how to schedule-out posts on Facebook and Instagram without having to pay for yet another platform.  Facebook has a free Creator Studio page for posting and scheduling onto Facebook and Instagram. I’m still learning, but have mastered it enough to get started. Here’s a sample of my latest design project and video skills:

The 2021 calendars are available and out in local venues (Truth and Table and The Mercantile) and on Etsy (printed and printable). Take a quick peek. Many thanks to friends who have already purchased calendars from me directly. Believing that with the holidays approaching folks will find them attractive and buy them up for gifts. Wouldn’t it be great if I had to have a reprint of one, several or all of them?

Hugs & blessings & appreciation and a plan on being back in touch sooner than later, 💜


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