How was your week? Mine was challenging :-|

I realize most of us have had a week like never before. This COVID-19 thing is setting everyone and everything topsy-turvy. I decided to use the “downtime” to take a free course on ConvertKit this week. This is a platform to develop an email list, which I want to use to spread some joy and peace to others. But, let me tell you the lessons (highlighted below) I learned this week…

I hit a wall the first day of class when sending out test emails. No one else in the course seemed to have the problem. I began to question myself – have I set up something wrong in my website? My website had nothing really to do with the course, but my nemesis “Doubt” got in there with my frustration. I spent 2 days frustrated, not even knowing the correct question to ask. Finally talked it out with my Sweetie, Cecil, who helped me figure out the right question to ask. Then, I had to further humble myself and ask for help, but who? Answer? My tech savvy son. Praise God, he was able to explain things so I understood, and he quieted my “doubts”. And, my frustration was turned back and I pressed on.

This afternoon as I share this, be assured we all have our challenges, and maybe a few more than usual in these unusual times. but we’re all in this together. Keep calm and carry on – safely. The rest of the story: I finally succeeded with email builder platform, and if you’d like to sign up for my email list and get a set of 5 free bookmarks, you can click here to sign up. Hope you do.

Hugs & blessings…Debie

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